Sunday, February 23, 2014

T shirts!

We just had our first home study meeting last week. It was interesting being on the other side of things- blog post to come.  We're about to kick fundraising into high gear- especially to be prepared if things happen fast. 

We're selling t shirts through Bonfire Funds. We have 20 days to sell a minimum  of 50 shirts and we receive $11 from each shirt. Our goal is 200 shirts. It's day 3 and we've sold 49 shirts! We struggled trying to find the "right" design- one that people would actually want to wear and that represented our story. We're adopting through Christian Adoption Consultants and they have a Facebook page for adoptive families. One of the mamas offered to families some of the designs they didn't use for their shirts. We found one that we love. Love how He provides for us. 

Our site  Simply visit the site, order your shirt and it will be shipped to you towards the end of March. Our fund is open until March 12. So visit our site and order a shirt- help bring baby Gray home.