Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My Birthday

Sunday was my birthday. What a day this was!! We woke up and had breakfast in the hotel, as we waited for our attorney to call to let us know about discharge. She called and found out that it would be much later that day- more like late afternoon. 

I was a nervous bundle of energy. There was no way I just could just sit and wait. David, on the other hand, as usual, was his calm and collected self. We decided that we would find a church nearby and attend services, get lunch and then wait to go the hospital. 

We went to First Baptist Church Kenner and went in to find our seats. We obviously looked like visitors- we didn't want to "steal someone's seat" - it's a Baptist thing! We were met by a lady, Christie, who looked to be about our age. We sat with her and her husband and told them why we were here. Another adoption connection was made! 

I looked at the order of service and saw the songs- "Lord Most High" and "Great is Thy Faithfulness." How fitting, but I knew I wouldn't make it through worship without crying. I was right. But it was such a sweet time of praising my Father for all that He had done and answering our prayers. I was constantly checking my phone to see if Lisa, our attorney had called or texted. She called just before it was over to tell me that we needed to be there at 12:30 instead of 4:00! After church, we left and went straight to the hospital. 

I was really about to throw up. This whole time, I was "cautiously optimistic." Literally, holding my breath for four days until all was signed. But at least for now, we were going to get him. We got to the hospital and installed the car seat (it was just in the car- I told you- no time to prepare.) Lisa was waiting for us in the room and we got settled in as we waited for discharge instructions. The nurse came in and talked to us- giving us our discharge instructions. We got ready to go and David and Lisa went downstairs to pull the car around and get everything loaded up. 

We were waiting for transportation- which took sweet forever. But looking back, this was a blessing in disguise. The delay gave S and I some time to just talk- the two of us. It was relaxed, just two friends talking. I'll treasure that forever. Finally, the nurse came to get us and we went downstairs. We said goodbye- such a priceless, surreal moment and went our separate ways. We drove the hotel- with a baby. It was so funny because we hadn't told our extended family yet- just our parents. Family members were calling to tell me happy birthday and I was having to "lie" about where we were. Again, we were holding our breath. 

We got food (finally!) and I fed Matthew. We all took naps and then David went and got us frosty's from Wendy's- my birthday cake. We just talked to him, stared at him, loved on him- for however long he would be ours. 

It was still so surreal- we had a baby in the room with us! We just took it all in, soaking up every little sweet sound. We just held him and talked to him- told him we were mommy and daddy. He tried to figure out who we were, where he was, why I didn't sound like his birth mom- it was the strangest, yet heartbreaking thing. Let me tell you this first hand- no matter how young a baby is when they go to an adoptive family, they grieve the loss of their birth family. For nine months, she kept him safe inside her, he heard her voice, heard her heartbeat, she gave him life. Then all of a sudden, he's in a totally new environment and she's not there. I just kept telling him how much he was loved and how safe he was, that we were mom and dad and that we were going to take care of him. Slowly, the look of fear and confusion melted away into peaceful sleep.

He did pretty good during the night. We got up the next morning to head to Baker to stay at my parents to wait out signing. The attorney wanted us to be close by in case we needed to come back for anything. S would sign later that day.

Next- meeting the family.